Security Guard Shirt Style 110

    Min Order 50-pcs
    On Order Only
Security Guard Pant/ Trousers: On Order Only
Design: Pants, Cargo Pants, Security Pants, Pants with Plates
Fabric: Cotton, Poly Cotton, Polyester, Gaberdine,  PVC, Twill, Istem etc.
Delivery Time: 2 Weeks
Colors: All Basic 30 Colors
GSM: 120 to 200 - As per Order 
Embroidery: Available
Sizes: Standard Size S to 3XL
Packing: Bulk Packing in Plastic Bags/ Cartons
Delivery: With In UAE - With Terms and Conditions
Embroidery: As per the Customer requirement
Branding: Branding only for Big Orders
Washing Instruction: Separate with the Product

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5000 Pieces